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Edition of EA open PC ” anthem ” configuration demand watch recommends configuration to need 1060 class to show clip only    The much person that reads textual Bioware development opens world action to shoot play " anthem " will land PC, PS4 and XboxOne platform at next month, the picture of this game from for many times try play video to looked to reach the level that comparative, what kind of computer to need to configure ability to you can satisfy the government to ask so? The hair of this game is peddling today EA published PC edition formally ” anthem ” configuration demand detailed list. Refer gloriously ” sword brave legend: Sword of dragon of the person that bear passes Z ” brand or land PS4 and Xbox One     Read textual this year on January 2, it is gloriously in the United States ” sword brave legend: Sword of dragon of the person that bear passes Z (Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z) ” referred new brand, doubt is like this making to land refashion PS4 of this platform of for generations lead plane and Xbox One. ” sword brave legend: Sword of dragon of the person that bear passes Z ” be ” bear a surname ” series corpse theme is deri上海千花网论坛

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by Spark Unlimited development, in March 2014 put on sale, landed PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platform. Submit new brand name this gloriously very detailed, namely ” sword brave legend: Sword of dragon of the person that bear passes Z ” , and the logo before this making is simpler, for ” sword brave legend (Yaiba) ” (time was August 2012, referred country includes the United States, canada and Europe) . Alike in spirit Xbox Logo brings mound of face of the Qin Dynasty heat views Xbox government: This is Xbox 220 BC      Read textual CCTV was announced on government-owned net recently premonitory, introduced CCTV-10 ” exploration · discovers ” program of new first phase. This popular science kind discuss ardently what the program caused foreign player however, look together what to produce. New first phase ” exploration · discovers ” what the program tells about is the mysterious mound that saved Changzhou city accident to discover in Jiangsu 2016, and the archaeology that after this undertakes to these mound considers to work, but the player of sharp-eyed see, does this mound look from inside sky how so look familiar? Is this the Logo of Microsoft Xbox? ! Foreign player discusses ardently also rise, still the player undertook chroma爱上海同城手机版

tically to video check scheme, such seeing almost exactly like. March toward 100 million close greatly! Suo Ni announces total sales volume of PS4 whole world breaks through 91.6 million       Read amusement of each other of textual Suo Ni to announced today on January 8, end till December 31, 2018, subordinate and superhuman vital energy total sales volume of whole world of PS4 of lead plane of sport of second for generations breaks through 91.6 million, and mere ~ contributed 5.6 million sales volume during the war of year end trade December 31 on November 19, 2018.

Whole body of hassle Lv cloth and retreat! ” full-scale war: The Thr上海千花社区

ee Kingdoms ” ” happy into ” the person sets a plan      Read textual ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” announced Wei Guowu child one of fine general, once still had repelled the Guan Yu of the Wu Sheng that be called by later generations, the general of Cao Cao at hand is happy the person that take sets a plan, viewing the government together is how to evaluate this Cao of Wei Meng general! CA: Happy into, what Cao does battle of be apt to of at hand brave is fierce will one of, he is willing for those his follow and trustful person with body experience danger, he also is the fierce of the most negative great reputation on Chinese history will one of, once mixed the Three Kingdoms the first cross Lv Bu hassle suddenly more than, and all over and retreat. Fierce general type: Piquet ” emperor card air battle 7: Sealed airspace ” new aircraft is announced revive 34 bully gas come on stage      Read textual now, palace of the dream austral 10 thousand generation released ” emperor card air battle 7: Sealed airspace ” brand-new video, revealed revive – the content of 34 opportunity for combat, look上海龙凤论坛sh1f

together. ” emperor card air battle 7: Sealed airspace ” it is to accumulate a sale 14 million ” emperor card air battle ” of series newest make, this making is one will act air man of an emperor card by the player, experience in approximately actual sky 360 degrees of freedom are whirly volitant frank feeling, and judge by right of oneself by the player ordinal aim at checkmate enemy, and the flight that enjoys the achievement feeling that breakthrough difficulty place reachs to the top of one’s bent shoots play. Add of spirit of head character D is made ” MF GHOST ” 1 million breakthroughs recover from an illness photograph of 86 solid cars gives Feng Tian!            Read textual Japan caricaturist to weigh wild show one afterwards ” head character D ” the caricature of subject matter of another racing bicycle later ” MF GHOST ” announced sales volume breaks through 1 million recently, and engineer as souvenir, will take out the Feng Tian with a reductive original work photograph of 86 solid cars gives, understand rapidly below! · ” MF Ghost ” it is the caricature of cycle racing subject matter that Chongyexiuyi produces Japanese caricaturist, with ” head character D ” be in same world outlook, after more than 20 years when time set plans to end in D, the digital character of head character D has come on stage in this caricature.

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