Reprint assassin credo! Girl lurk blows hard ” Sha De Wen ” up to date information

Ever had made ” Trinitarian ” the Frozenbyte of the group that make of series is going early the game of adventure of a lurk that year end announced them to be being made ” Sha De Wen (Shadwen) ” , according to official introduction, ” Sha De Wen ” it is game of venture of motion of a lurk, in game the player will act heroine Sha De Wen, she is an assassin that is a target with assassinate king, need always is concealed in umbra, and should expose only can be killed by merciless guarder, make originally that is to say only lurk plays a way one kind.

Producer: ” Sha De Wen ” will move with the rate of 1080P/60 frame in PS4 lead plane, and the result is very strong! Of course, if your configuration is puissant, affirmative on PC meeting has the detail with finer more.

Producer: Not, be in at least we won’t consider it recently, if want to support DX12 technology, we must replace engine in the round, in future we can depend.

Problem: Be in ” Trinitarian ” in series, you had made the 3D experience with colourful Jing making a person, considering VR technology to be met in future is a trend, can you use this technology in this making?

Producer: We are very excited really to VR technology! The VR equipment have everything that one expects to find on our at hand, once make put on sale originally, we can consider the support of VR technology.

” Sha De Wen ” will land PS4 and PC platform in May, at present the player can play Demo with heading for Steam, although this year ” assassin credo ” announce to jump ticket, but the world that the player can experience to this new play will enter assassin again.

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