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What the movement of gem gal is not us to want is so simple, and because the school of gem gal is different,so gem gal has avery kind of its peculiar characteristic, the movement is Protean also. About the station of gem gal stereo type has a lot of kinds, among them general also be with respect to the foundation is hill type stand, have good adjustment to breathe to be balanced with the exerciseForum of Shanghai night net

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With, still trigonometry type waits, but their movement comes down to still want finally to return hill form.

Gem gal stands encyclopedia of form of characters or letters

1. hill type stands: Bipod and approach, 10 toe part; body weight distributings equably as far as possible the toe in bipod and unbend of calcaneal; knee are carried up forcibly, two legs muscle tightens up; hip to tighten up; abdomen, the; that hold out a bosom is vertebral with cervical vertebra one straight in the end supports, as every time inspiratory carry up pull two shoulders of; (inspiratory) up, (Expiratory) open two arms of; to be down extend forcibly in body side backward, finger opens; eye orthoptic ahead.

2. although we should stand everyday, but be not everybodyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Standing correctly. Optional, incorrect station appearance can makeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The body bears wrong pressure, cause the harm of accumulate over a long period to the joint meeting of rachis, leg and foot. The hill type of study gem gal stands, can change undesirable posture slowly, balance left and right sides.

Gem gal stands encyclopedia of form of characters or letters

Does 3. hand catch toe to catch toe 2, : of type of extend of back of foot of hand transport persons or goods by cart at a charge?    irrigates bank Gu to tell Ku to sincere   whences; of akimbo of both hands of Bin  ? is expiratory, the body bends ahead, face of ham of abdominal press close to (two legs maintain unbend from beginning to end) thumb of; both hands and forefinger are taut; of foot of double foot beetle-crusher is inspiratory, look up, extend back and vertebral; are expiratory, back is pressed downward as far as possible, make the head is stood by; maintains 5-8 between two genu breathing; is inspiratory, loose both hands, the body up reductive; is expiratory, double leg and approach, return hill form.

: of 4. triangle type? Right leg of? of the nine that wring a straw removes one stride backward, the body turns 90 degrees of; are inspiratory, two side open double arm, parallel at ground; expiratory, left foot turns upcountry, right leg is opened outwards (right leg is sufficient follow to be oppositeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Left foot arch) ; is inspiratory, the right hand drives hip joint of left of; of body rightward extend to maintain do not move; expiratory, the right hand puts right leg ankle (or crus) , left arm up extend, perpendicular see left hand finger tip at ground; eye. Maintain 5-8 breath.

Gem gal stands encyclopedia of form of characters or letters

5. is inspiratory, the body up reductive; does left; expiratory, right leg towards the left turns, left foot is opened outwards (left foot is sufficient follow to be opposite right leg arch) ; is inspiratory, left hand drives extend of side of body towards the left hip joint does not move; on the right side of; expiratory, left hand puts left foot ankle (or crus) , sword arm up extend; eye sees the the right-hand side between. Maintain 5-8 breathing; is inspiratory, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The body up reductive; is expiratory, the strike with the palm of the hand joins before two tactics bosom, right leg crosses one stride and left leg and type of approach; reductive hill stands.

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