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sharper time drop is to be able to have a few distinction, what some children begin to grow is very tall, later of development slow. So dot when, the person with tall stature is not certain henceforth it is very tall. ButShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Be if if the child likes,moving at ordinary times, also be to conduce to body body length tall. So, is long-distance running long tall? Ran is tall to body body length have stimulative effect, particular case sees the introduction of later development please.

? ? Ran can be promoted long tall. Nevertheless, it is good influence. The girl grows, the boy is 25 years old, have grow early, evening grows. Follow long tall scientific pattern, chairman is tall! The method is safer, summarizing 5 laws via studying group of our country medicine a few years is true: Want to often bask; 2 it is muchA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Feed contain provision of calcic comprehensive nutrition: Gallinaceous claw, bean products, dried small shrimps, milk, egg, lean lean, turnip and green vegetables; 3 be everyday 9 hours of Morpheus; 4 it is much exercise, long-distance running, skip, swim; 5 it is the atmosphere that love is full of in the family. The key is to press afore-mentioned rules, carry out fulfil reach the designated position, do not want halfway to stop. Individual person is 23 years oldShanghai night net

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Still can continue to grow after 25 years old a few taller. So, it is very important to enhance self-confident heart.

? ? Motion is the good method that promotes skeletal growth, ran is among them one of, next cantering that whether can promote look to grow below tall. Whether can grow to depend on high again skeletal age, bone age is the index of development, if the age is more than bone age, hint you grow logy; If the age is less than bone age, clew your sexual precocity. The growth that wants to understand you so development state of affairs, should film to normal hospitalShanghai noble baby

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Bone age piece. The doctor is met according to bone age piece on the growth that shown epiphysis closes the case will judge you latent capacity.

? ? Is long-distance running long tall? Like to run at ordinary times the word of ran, conduce to stimulative body metabolism, the length that is helpful for the body is tall. Additional, run at ordinary times ran to childrenShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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fitness respect also arrives since the meeting very big exercise action, enhance their body immunity power, help child prevents the harm of a few diseases. Besides motion, dietary side also has body development to matter, nutrition also wants to catch up with.

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