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The big examination that discharge abnormal is pregnant woman existing to misshape to see the child in pregnancySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Circumstance and the item of a kind of examination that make, also be a kind to pregnant woman and fetal, compare main examination item. The level with discharge abnormal to arrive in baby development commonly certain greatly when make gift effective, and different period, suit to make the different item that discharge abnormal. Below, introduce the relevant knowledge of big abnormal for everybody!

 Big deformation platoon is checked when to do

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One, what is big abnormal

Big abnormal is to be pregnant between 20-24 Zhou Zhi, exceed through doing B, seeing fetal growth is deformation, will eliminate deformation then. It basically is to check darling to whether accord with pregnant week in intrauterine development state of affairs, fetal healthy, limb, brains, splanchnic development is gotten how, exclude one share congenital disease, but either hundred, still have common amniotic fluid, umbilical case.

 Big deformation platoon is checked when to do

2, when is big abnormal done

Be in commonly colour can be done to exceed antenatal discharge abnormal when 20 ~ are controlled 24 weeks, 4 dimension colour exceeds but stereo the development case that shows fetal color, face, each organ, fetal even the condition in the mother’s body. To fetal deformation, like harelip, cleft palate, skeletal development unusual, heart and vessels misshapes etc can inchoate diagnose. But, if illuminate three-dimensional colour to exceed, 26-28 week is clearer, darling has the flesh quite at that time, according to rise more good-looking. It is better to have a few netizens say to be done afternoon, because of themShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Think general not very touchs baby in the morning, mix afternoon darling is moved some morer in the evening. But, the difference of midday of general nonexistent fluctuation, because feel darling is not moved, actually not scarcely is moved, when be being moved greatly only, you just meet what feel somewhat.

 Big deformation platoon is checked when to do

3, the examination means of big abnormal

The examination means of big abnormal has two kinds, one kind is three-dimensional colour exceeds, another kind is 4 dimension colour super- , exceed at three-dimensional colour relatively for, it is good that the colour of 4 dimensions transcends intuitionistic gender, image clarity, can discharge the form that check abnormal. The optimal time that 4 dimension colour transcends is because of the individual different, different period does 4 dimension colour to exceed getShanghai noble baby

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the result also can differ. Examination of abnormal of 4 dimension platoon divides generally speaking pregnancy a phase, be an abnormal the 3rd among themForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Optimal period. The check of big abnormal checks Yu Baobao and everybody permit mother for, it is very necessary1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, saying even is very important, because it can reduce the birth of oaf to lead, can in time make pregnant woman break down gravid. The content of the big examination that discharge abnormal is very wide very comprehensive also, it is the important step that avoids oaf to be born. Accordingly, each accurate mom should comparative the examination of the attention is great abnormal.

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