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Summer is very hot and dry environment, the body constitution of this moment pregnant woman is original very hot, be in so summer when occurrence temperature is elevatory, too the circumstance of be agitated also is some, very want to blow a few cool cool wind, but cannot open air conditioning, also dare not open fan, veryFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Afraid meeting falls next the root cause of illness or trouble, it is earlier and OK to be pregnant proper blowy fan, but the adjustment that should notice wind-force, still having is the temperature inside air conditioning room cannot too low.

Be pregnant can initial stage blow fan

Pregnant woman can blow fan.

Because the metabolism between woman gestation is exuberant, the skin comes loose quantity of heat increases, expression is be afraid of hot, much sweat, will enjoy the cool in fanner of summertime have the aid of is possible, the attention avoids to be blown for long, or it is OK to be blown to fanner, lest catch a cold.

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cause immediate effect, only too corrupt cool, when blowy fan carelessly heat preservation, after catch a cold catchs a cold, just may be opposite fetal and adverse. Proposal, when pregnant woman opens electric fan, do not want to be blown continuously, angle slants a bit, abdomenA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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A Xiaobao should be built on by, do not feel coolA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Meaning can.

Be pregnant can initial stage blow fan

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When pregnant woman blows fanner, above all fanner move remote speck, do not leave pregnant woman too close, can let wind diffuse already so, also can let indoor airiness rise, have kind of feeling that small wind hallway crosses. Want to let pneumatic rise namely next, fanner shake one’s head open, left blow blow, right blow, won’t blow directly to pregnant woman. Now have Morpheus wind or natural wind option some electric fan, the advantage of this kind of wind isSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The wind that can allow electric fan a little while big, a little while small, have a little while, do not have a little while, also hold out those who resemble natural wind.

Pregnant woman plays fanner note

1, pregnant woman perspires relatively a long time, do not blow fanner immediately, because right now systemic skin pore is opened, air cooling gets a change to step in easily, extremely easy catch cold catch cold catchs a cold, very adverse to pregnant woman and fetal health.

Be pregnant can initial stage blow fan

2, pregnant woman is unfavorable blow fanner for long, blow fanner also not should not to blow, can answer wind next to the wall, wind speed appropriate alleviates.

3, when pregnant woman blows fanner, the attention has not aired big, have the place of draught especially, more want careful with. Indoor and sound wind velocity had better be control in 0.2-0.5 rice / second, the biggest unfavorable more than 3 meters / second, general choice is the cheapest and advisable, otherwise easy catch cold catch cold.

4, suitable space should be to make the person feels breeze blast, cool and comfortable. After had played period of time, should exchange the position of fanner, lest a side catch cold catch cold is too long, had better let fanner government ceiling wide or certain corner is blown.

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