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Scar a knot in one’s heart is a kind of very common disease, because appearing,a knot in one’s heart leaves very easily in a few processes that when comparing deep scar, cicatrizationing, these a knot in one’s heart namely the scar that we say is proliferous, can make we feel itch particularly, but the skin of different person restores rate different, so scar a knot in one’s heart also can be put in more apparent difference1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Different, so is scar a knot in one’s heart how cause?

How is scar a knot in one's heart caused

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Mark a knot in one’s heart: Happen have apparent individual difference, it is tumour of a kind of fibre, have powerful proliferous capacity, and to all round perfect organization soak, expression is normal cutaneous is durative all round tower above growth bump, qualitative hard, accompany local ache, Sao to itch. Inchoate can show red, terminal gradually cadaverous. Scar a knot in one’s heart often is in after injury inside several considerate a few months rapid development.

Main component sends sexual scar for spontaneity scar a knot in one’s heart and afterwards a knot in one’s heart

Spontaneity scar a knot in one’s heart: See more go up at normal skin abrupt and initiative form, appearance and grain of rice are similar, character is stronger, expand gradually, the brim is irregular, borderline is trenchant, but by one or more exist at the same time, its surface is slick, after colour and lustre is reddish dark red, self-conscious and scratchy, accompany sometimes have clonic smartly. Good hair place, before the bosom, place of the low-necked after shoulder blade is reached, have butterfly shape, crab shape of sufficient condition, linear, bridge, circle or elliptic, irregular form scar is proliferous, do not heal all the year round.

How is scar a knot in one's heart caused

Afterwards sends sexual scar a knot in one’s heart: Fill because of burn, scald, refrigerant, laser, operation skin-grafting commonly skin, hit earhole, hit precaution needle, Caesarean birth

All sorts of operations hyperplasia of infection hind, scar is urticant, smartly, the influence is beautiful.

Scar is the skin after be injured, connective tissue replaced normal skin structure, do not exceed area of former sick mean commonly, course of diseases is short, and to later period but proper motion molten and stabler, do not cause apparent effect to airframe function configuration. And scar a knot in one’s heart exceeds original skin range to all round normal skin organization invades embellish to expand, course of diseases is long, and durative growth, expression is irregular fleshy sex excrescence, tower above at skin surface, crab sufficient condition grows, companion is urticant, prickle, show red or dark red. After the operation is excisedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Have a relapse extremely easily, and limits of more original scar more increase. Scar a knot in one’s heart cannot proper motion subsidise, need interpose treatment.

How is scar a knot in one's heart caused

Scar a knot in one’s heart, scar is excessive and proliferous it is traumatic, Shanghai night net

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A traumatic kind of main complication, the cause that causes scar has a lot of, for instance: Burn scald, traumatic, traumatic, acne (whelk) , dozen earhole, hit precautionary needle, can form the scar hyperplasia of different level and scar a knot in one’s heart. Before its precautionary measures basically is being formed at scar, formShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Into have not mature level, main purpose is as far as possible purify all sorts of elements that cause scar proliferation, reduce the growth of scar, the attention when all sorts of deformation that precautionary scar causes to airframe and functional obstacle are serious reduces pair of affected part as far as possibleFall in love with the sea

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The stimulation of mechanical, chemical, heating power, avoid to be pulled repeatedly pull, attrition;burst;ulcerate;festers broken, the happening of infection.

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