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After the female is pregnant, be in especially pregnant is earlier, the bodyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Because hormone level is worn in ceaseless happening,change, it is very easy appear such or in that way problem, most person can appear early pregnant reaction, doing not have appetite is the symptom that a lot of pregnant woman encounter at ordinary times, be pregnant actually initial stage does not have appetite this is very normal, early pregnant reaction causes great majority, can alleviate through feeding the method of much food less.

 How to after be pregnant, do without appetite

How to after be pregnant, do without appetite?

What pregnant woman inappetence may cause pregnant woman is hidebound, may affect fetal growth even, want to try to promote the appetite of pregnant woman so. In alimental choice, treatment and cooking process, notice alimental color, sweet, flavour, make pregnant woman absorbs first-rate nutriment.

1, choose colourful food

The food of pregnant woman should be accomplished as far as possible colourful, already delicate tastily, contain a lot ofnutrition again. Tomato, cucumber, delicacy can be put in food Xianggu mushroom, fresh smooth stay of proceedings, apple, these food are colourful, nutrition is rich, easy the appetite that induces pregnant woman.

2, choose easy digestive food

Should choose for pregnant woman easy digest, easy absorb, can reduce vomitive food at the same time, be like toast, rice or millet congee. Dry food can relieve symptom of disgusting, vomiting, because the disgusting, water that vomiting loses is divided,rice congee or millet congee can complement.

3, food cooking diversification: Cook wants diversification, answer to reduce the loss of nutriment as far as possible.

 How to after be pregnant, do without appetite

(In 1) cooking process, want to reduce the loss of nutriment as far as possible, if wash the dish, frequency that clean out rice,cannot pass much, dish, pickle is washed after cannot be being cut, cannot clean out rice with hot water. Additionally vegetable is fried quickly in fire of the lash-up in cooking process, a few starch should be added when mixing cook with animal sex food, have protective effect to vitamin C.

(2) can be mixed according to the different situation of pregnant woman hobby, choose different raw material and cook method to process food. If pregnant woman has acid of be addicted to, be addicted to hot like with other olfactory, usable lemon juice, vinegar mixes when cook food cold dish, it is certain to let food have excitant, in order to increase appetite.

4, into1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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In feeding a process, maintain spirit happy.

In eating a process, maintain spirit happy. Like light music hears when taking food, a few flowers can be put on table, such pregnant woman can remove of the fear of early pregnant, vomiting during pregnancy irritatedNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Impetuous, increase the appetite of pregnant woman thereby, assure embryonic normal growth.

5, eat many food less

Pregnant woman can arrange 5-6 to pause everyday meal, avoid as far as possible hollow.

Be pregnant it what initial stage eats without appetite is good that what initial stage eats without appetite

The first, soya bean bud. Pregnant woman feeds soya bean bud more hypertension of gravid to alleviating sex has certain effect. But sex of soya bean bud is cold, cold make water of chronic diarrhoea and taste empty is muchForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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pregnant woman diet.

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 How to after be pregnant, do without appetite

The 2nd, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings. Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings enhances the biology active of airframe effectively, the metabolism inside stimulative body, the absorption of all sorts of nutriment in be helpful for food and use. Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings contains a lot ofprandial fiber to be able to promote the peristalsis of gastric bowel, conduce to digest and constipation of prevention and cure. Because this pregnant woman eats mushroom of a few acupuncture needle right amountly,be very good.

Cucumber. Cucumber is washy, clear sweet goluptious, eat raw can Qing Dynasty of satisfy one’s thirst is hot, Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Appetitive. But cucumber sex is cold cool, unfavorable eat more. Had better fry ripe eat.

The 3rd, tomato patch. It is very high grade staple food feeds capable person tomato patch, replace one part food for a long time to also won’t cause nutrition to lack an issue, still can supply richer Potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. But should notice to eat tomato patch much bilge easily gas. In addition, cannot eat gemmiparous, virescent, long put potato, in case bromatoxism.

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