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Corrupt this kind of food is compare among the life common, and the making method of bean curd is very simple, even if not oneself are made, also can be in any shop or the supermarket is bought get. Fresh bean curd can make a lot of delicate food after redemptive home, decoct fries smooth blast is all has a good command of really. Actually also cent is a lot of sort bean curd, what basically manufacture technology namely is different. So, what does bean curd sort have?

What does bean curd sort have?


Bean curd is 3 kinds because of the different and main component of coagulating agent:

Make for coagulating agent with bittern, see more at northern region, call boreal bean curd, water content is little, water content is in 85%~ShanghaiLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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88% , harder;

2 be it is coagulating agent with gesso, see more at south, call south bean curd, water content relatively boreal bean curd is much, can amount to 90% the left and right sides, loose;

3 be with dextrose acid – δ – inside ester is coagulating agent, call inside ester bean curd. This is a kind of new-style coagulating agent, method of more traditional preparation rose to manufacture to lead and produce character to measure, reduced environmental pollution.

What does bean curd sort have?

The craft that make

The raw material of bean curd is soya beanForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, the legume such as gram, Bai Dou, pea. First fabaceous hull abluent, abluent hind in putting water, immerse appropriate time, it is certain to be added again proportional water, wear gives birth to soya-bean milk. Use tailor-made hop-pocket to will grind the size that give to had been installed then, receive good bag mouth, squash forcibly, hop-pocket of soya-bean milk crush out. Can extract an oar twice commonly, open bag mouth after extracting first time, put clear water, after receiving good bag mouth, extract again.

After raw soya-bean milk has been extracted, put the boil inside boiler, the side side that boil is cast aside go above the bubble that float wears. Boiled temperature maintains it is between 100 ℃ of 90 ~ , and need the time that the attention cooks. The soya-bean milk that has boiled needs to undertake nodding bittern with caky. The method that chooses bittern can be divided for bittern dot bittern and gesso nod bittern two kinds. The bases of bittern is magnesium chloride, the bases of gesso is calcium sulfate.

What does bean curd sort have?

Main introduction gesso chooses the method of bittern here: Grind the gesso with good roast powder first, the attune that add water becomes gesso thick liquid, enter firm in the soya-bean milk from the bail out inside boiler, use ladle gently agitate divide evenly. Soon, soya-bean milk can condense into bean curd to spend, make an appointment with after bean curd flower condenses inside 15 minutes, with ladle gently dip is entered already1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The wood that spreads nice package cloth holds a basin in the palm or in other container. After Cheng Man, the cloth that use a bag spends bean curd the bag to rise, build load board, press 10 ~ 20 minutes, become water bean curd namely. Also have in south add water mill oar with gypsum directly, when nodding bittern pour the gesso oar that has ground into soya-bean milk agitate. Just need to master good heft — need bean curd is some older the gesso oar that adds is some more. If want to make bean curd work, must spend bean curd dip to hold a basin in the palm into wood in, the package that use cloth is nice, build load board, be in board on the stone on caboodle. Control moisture content, work into bean curd namely.

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