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Well-known, glossy ganoderma is a kind of very rare Chinese traditional medicine material, its use is very much, thoseForum of Shanghai night net

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The person of immune force occurrence issue, appear very easily a few diseases, appear easily for instance the inflammation that affects a gender, this kind of crowd wants method enhances immune power, can eat glossy ganoderma at that time, the crowd with occurrence additionally hypertensive perhaps coronary heart disease, eat glossy ganoderma to have very good curative effect, glossy ganoderma is the most popular having a way is Bao Shang Lai eat, if glossy ganoderma Bao comes out Shang Ku’s word, can adopt following processing technique.

How is Shang Ku of glossy ganoderma Bao handled?

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How is Shang Ku of glossy ganoderma Bao handled?

Glossy ganoderma is a very good nourishment, a lot of peopleShanghai noble baby

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Buy glossy ganoderma after coming home, can take Bao soup to drink directly! But love of a surprise discovers however after the package is nice, withShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The soup of glossy ganoderma Bao, drink rise very bitter, especially other and bad to drink! Then somebody asks in small letter, he says is treasure hall special suffering, how should be handled! Share this knowledge in detail today, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody!

How is Shang Ku of glossy ganoderma Bao handled?

If glossy ganoderma already Bao good soup, taste is particularly bitter, need does two businesses! Be like1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Like to have sweet taste if really, can nod candy toward Shanglijia, cover one part acrid, if do not like those who take that candy, bit of other spice can be added inside soup before, add bit of red medlar for instance, anise is answered, still caraway is waited a moment, let it mask glossy ganoderma original acrid, such word, the suffering of glossy ganoderma candy is met a few weaker, but be soup of glossy ganoderma of cannot complete purify is bitter, because glossy ganoderma soup has very good nutrition value, this acrid the nutrient value that is glossy ganoderma is released!

Shang Hui of glossy ganoderma Bao has acrid, the likelihood is him Bao soup when the dosage of glossy ganoderma is too much cause, below general situation, of soup of glossy ganoderma Bao acrid it is very weak, too won’t thick! If it glossy ganoderma boiling water is very hard, that explains glossy ganoderma is usedShanghai noble baby

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The quantity is too much, should reduce dosage!

How is Shang Ku of glossy ganoderma Bao handled?

So how can Bao Shang Cai reduce glossy ganoderma acrid, want to accomplish the following only, it is OK almost those who reduce glossy ganoderma soup is acrid! The first has mastered right dosage, the dosage of soup of glossy ganoderma Bao won’t exceed 100 grams commonly, soup of glossy ganoderma Bao when had better put some of meat more kind food, put bit of complementary stuff more again next, e.g. red medlar, garlic ginger, what these stuffs will enclothe glossy ganoderma is acrid.

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