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Armour saltpetre Zun piece effect of remedial gum gall is more pretty good, have very good therapy effect to the infection of bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with, must comply with when treat of course doctor’s advice, avoid to create the problem of side-effect, live at ordinary times in the center if appear gum gall, should have favorable treatment in time at that time, must notice during this oral cavity is wholesome additionally, want to had made inspection of fixed oral cavity, prevent gum gall.

 Gall of gum of armour saltpetre Zun

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Gall of gum of armour saltpetre Zun

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Swollen, can try try out erythromycin and cure of armour saltpetre Zun, also can try Zun of saltpetre of try out armour and bezoar detoxify piece treating, the bacterium of this position is affected, be infection of bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with likely, armour saltpetre Zun affects the effect to had been compared to bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with, want to notice wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline additionally, eat less to stimulate food tartly, drink water more.

Gum tumid lash-up handles:

Gargle of 1~3% hydrogen peroxide solution washs bag of strut area gum, 2% iodic glycerine are local on water of medicine, gargle contains gargle, profess to convinced common and antiphlogistic medicine + armour saltpetre Zun can solve a problem very quickly. (Note: Armour saltpetre Zun kind, acetanilide piece, although antiphlogistic medicine is OK acetanilide detumescence temporarily, but side effect is bigger, cannot blind abuse)

 Gall of gum of armour saltpetre Zun

How does gum gall do

One, the oral cavity sanitation with good nurturance is used to, accomplish morning and evening to brush one’s teeth, the gargle after the meal, can prevent the happening of tooth gingivitis, periodontosis. Hold to morning and evening to brush one’s teeth, the gargle after the meal, cleared contamination and food are residual, can prevent dental calculus and the formation with calculous tooth. Undertake to the hospital the tooth is method of best dental health care washing regularly.

2, examination of fixed oral cavity, discover dental caries in time, seasonable cure, develop dental pulp in case pointed Zhou Yan of phlogistic, root brings about gum strut, ache. Pointed Zhou Yan of phlogistic, root passes dental pulp a tubal cure is OK be able to restore.

3, if dental calculus, gnash one’s teeth adds up to scar and undesirable rehabilitate body to wait,have local and exciting factor, should undertake tooth week clean treats cleared dental calculus, adjust food of occlusive relation, Jiao Zhi embeds the tooth to fill in and be revised or replace the repair system such as the false tooth.

 Gall of gum of armour saltpetre Zun

4, patient of necrotic sex gingivitis should strengthen oral cavity to nurse, with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution gargle washs oral cavity, with affected part of besmear of bureau of agent of 2.5% aureomycin glycerine, the whole body chooses penicillin and medicaments of bacterium of the oxygen that fight be disgusted with

5, gum tumour, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Fibroma of gum of hyperplasia of medicaments sex gum, transmissibility is ill, should use surgical operation excision.

6, the gum strut that the disease of all sorts of blood systems and systemic systematization disease bring about and gum bleed, want to be worth to we notice and take seriouslyFall in love with the sea

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, for instance leukaemia, hemophiliac, plaque reduces sexual purpura, aplastic anemia to wait, expression bleeds for gum or often unplug bleed after the tooth more than, with common hemostatic method not easy stanch. Encounter this kind of situation, must ask a physician to be checked in detail, find out the cause that causes haemorrhage, right disease condition drug. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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This kind of patient, because gum strut bleeds even,often be more than come to what the department of stomatology sees a doctor above all, the height that should cause doctor of department of stomatology is vigilant. Scorbutic, should diagnose only clear, c of proper and right amount compensatory vitamin can get very good curative effect.

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