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After the puerpera just was giving birth to the child, dietary respect should strengthen take good care of sb, can eat appropriately a fewShanghai noble baby

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, green vegetables is contained a variety of vitamins and mineral, to postpartum restoring have profit quite, this1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The green vegetables of the face is more, e.g. lotus lotus root, day lily, asparagus lettuce, the turnip is waited a moment, it is commonner1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
green vegetables, eating constitution of a few pairs of bodies appropriately have profit, we will read the content of this respect.

The puerpera can take what dish initial stage

The puerpera can take what course firstShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

The puerpera is postpartum and OK eat all sorts of green vegetables, but the attention is not carried eat, besides green vegetables, return the vegetable that should have other and different color. Proposal puerpera should eat the following kinds of vegetable more:

1, lotus lotus root: Contain in lotus lotus root many starch, vitamin and mineral, the puerpera takes lotus lotus root more, can as soon as possible is cleared the gore of the stockpile inside the abdomen, stomachic, help aid digestion, make lactescence, conduce to pair of new students feed.

The puerpera can take what dish initial stage

2, day lily: Contain C of A of protein and mineral phosphor, iron, vitamin, vitamin to reach compound taking put oneself in another’s position among them, nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious, suit to do Shang Yong especially, puerperium is incidental abdominal ache, pee adverse, complexion cadaverous, Morpheus is disturbed, eat day lily to be able to eliminate above symptom more.

3, soya bean bud: C of a large number of protein, vitamin, cellulose is contained to wait in soya bean bud, can build the organization of the injury when resurgent child, vitamin C can increase the flexibility of hemal wall and tenacity, prevent to produce haemorrhage, cellulose can understand alvine benefit, prevent puerpera happening constipation.

4, asparagus lettuce: Contain a variety of nutrition part among them, contain mineral calcium, phosphor, iron especially more, can aid long bone bone, solid tooth. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, asparagus lettuce has the clear heat, diuresis, invigorate the circulation of blood, effect that knows breast, suit especially postpartum little make water and the person edible that do not have breast.

5, turnip: Include vitamin C 6 times taller than the apple. Carrot contains a lot ofvitamin A, butShanghai night net

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Treat nyctalopia and gall-stone in case. Saccharification ferment can decompose the starch in food to reach adipose, advantageousShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Absorb adequately at human body. Pregnant woman often eats a turnip to be able to achieve the beautiful effect of the fitness that prevent disease.

It what the puerpera eats is good that what the puerpera eats?

1, stew kind: Nutrition is rich, easy digest absorb, appetitive reach galactic exudation, help puerpera recovers the body. Chicken broth, rotate of soup of chop soup, beef soup, pig hoof soup, upper part of a leg of pork is worn eat, among them the food issueing a grandma that soup of the pig hoof soya bean that stew is a tradition.

2, egg: Protein, amino acid, mineral content is high, digestive absorptivity is tall. Eating form has the egg that boil, egg to spend a thick soup of egg of soup, evaporate, or hit in water in which noodles have been boiled to wait. When the puerpera on the tradition is confined, should eat 10 at least everyday 8 eggs, actually 3 two eggs can satisfy nutrient requirement completely already, eat too much human body also cannot be absorbed.

The puerpera can take what dish initial stage

3, millet congee: Contain a lot ofvitamin B, prandial fiber and iron. Sheet boils millet or can add up to its and rice boil, have effect of very good take a tonic to build up health. But depend on millet congee not completely, the nutrition that contains because of millet place is not very comprehensive after all.

4, the red food such as brown sugar, red jujube, red bean: Contain a lot ofiron, calcium to wait, to hematin rise advantageous, help puerpera enrichs the blood, go cold. But should notice brown sugar is rough-wrought candy, foreign matter is more, should its boil again edible.

5, fish: Nutrition is rich, promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy urges breast, flavour is delicious. Among them crucian carp fish and carp are first selection, can steam, braise in soy sauce or stew, soup flesh eats together.

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